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FAU KWANZAA CALL 2012 DAY 6 Creativity December 31th at 6:00 PM EST at Dial-in Number: 213.493.0700 with Participant Access Code: 106132#

Friends of the African Union founding at 1415 UTC on Jan. 16, 2012

We, Friends of the African Union, as a organization in formation, attended the December 16th 2011 meeting in Washington at the invitation of Prof. David L. Horne where Her Excellency Ambassador Amina Salum Ali the African Union’s Permanent Representative powerful remarks called on all people of African Descent in the USA to organize around the African Union roadmap for the Diaspora.

In 2005, the AU defined the African Diaspora as “... peoples of African descent and heritage living outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship, and who remain committed to contribute to the development of the continent and the building of the African Union.
Friends of the African Union (FAU) is our response and is a economic, social, humanitarian, charitable, educational and new media civil-society organizing body founded to work for the benefit of the African Union, the African Diaspora and its host countries. FAU will work with the allied peoples of the African Diaspora in the USA, non-governmental organizations and governments of the world who support the African Union and the people of the African Diaspora. FAU founding at 1415 UTC on Jan. 16, 2012 [Martin Luther King, Jr. Day] at the World Peace Bell with members of South Fairmount Community Council and Hargrove Engineering.
The Big Black Hangout 16 October 2012

FAU Annuall Review for


December 2011 Co-Founders of Friends of the African Union attend meeting in Washington DC called by HE Ali and Dr Horne.Based on that we employed Kujichagulia in the creation of Friends of the African Union as the agent to address the needs to have all of the African Diaspora in America aware of the African Union and its quest to create a 1.4 billion person global market with at least 4 trillion dollars in annualized income.

We where repersented by a senegalese economist and his son.

January 2012 MLK Launch of Friends of African Union [FAU]

February 2012 FAU Plan of Action Adopted

March 2012 FAU Global Solutions Formed

April 2012 NCRC Attendance and Global Banking Talks

May 2012 African Union African Diaspora Conference held in South Africa

June 2012 Attended US State Dept. US African Business Conference

July 2012 Orders issued by AU as to Diaspora Roadmap

August 2012 FAU STEM [Science Technology Engineering & Math] Formed and FAU 9 Principal Operations developed

September 2012 Power Plant powered by sewage water Presentation to the African Scientific Institute at a forum sponsored by the Constituency for Africa at Howard University during Congressional Black Caucus

October 2012 FAU Conference Call for the Big Black Call on October 16th 2012, added the 10th
FAU Principal Operation and more global urban planning framework started

November 2012 FAU Business Plan Framework Agreed Upon and 10 Operational Principals Adopted

December 2012 FAU Anniversary Planning 2012 Sessions - One Trillion Dollar plus FAU SPV Framework with 1,000 Market Partner P3's

Today we get creative in the FAU around a structure that will come into being by 21 January 2013.

FAU KWANZAA CALL 2012 DAY 6 Creativity December 31th at 6:00 PM EST at Dial-in Number: 213.493.0700 with Participant Access Code: 106132#

  1. Introduction - Hershel Daniels Junior CCM, Lay Servant, ASI Fellow, FAU Chairman and Moderator
  2. Review of Previous Calls
  3. The 10 principals of Friends of the African Union

    The 9 principals of Friends of the African Union [FAU] which where confirmed on 16 October 2012 at Dial-in Number: 213.493.0700 with Participant Access Code: 106132# at 9 AM EST. The proposed 9 operating principals of the FAU are:
    1. We support the African Union [AU], it's constitutive act and the history of the predecessor organization the Organization of African Unity [OAU] in the context of being a American Organization.
    2. We support the recognition of the African Diaspora globally and legally by the AU, through what they the AU calls the sixth region.
    3. We support the UN Declaration on Human Rights and its application to Africans and their condition worldwide.
    4. We support the UN Millennium Goals for Africa and the economic-social uplift of Africans on the continent and in the African Diaspora as well work of the African Union in regards to increasing trade between African Nations and will incorporate the work of the International Year for People of African Descent [2011] as it was designated by the UN and Organization of American States.
    5. We support the strategy and agenda of the Economic Social and Cultural Council [ECOSOCC] and through organization of African American Civil Society we support the legacy projects and continuing efforts to strengthen the Global African Diaspora Initiative of FAU in the AU.
    6. We support Peace, Security and basic human dignity within Africa and around the globe, with a emphasis on stopping slavery in the AU and the African Diaspora.
    7. We support the organization of African and peoples of African Diaspora in the United States of America.
    8. We support the African Growth and Opportunity Act [AGOA] of 2000 and by 2014 the creation of a new plan between the United States of America and the African Union that is supportive of the African Diaspora in the USA and would be sustainable not only in Africa but also in the host countries of the African Diaspora.
    9. We support political empowerment of the 950 million Africans in the 54 nations of the African Union as individual citizens and in free associations with cooperation and solidarity in the continent and in the African Diaspora worldwide that has over 450 million people through a committee structure.
    The Friends of the African Union [FAU] presented these operational principals as a follow-up to the US Africa Business Conference sponsored by the US State Dept in Cincinnati June 22 and 23 2012 supportive of this action.
  4. Added 10 A request of the President of the United States for direct action as a unsolicited proposal to the United States Government under federal law.

    Our Unsolicited proposal is a written application for a new innovative idea with patent rights we have that is submitted to an federal agency on the initiative of the offeror for the purpose of obtaining a contract with the government, and is not in response to a request for proposals, Broad Agency Announcement, Program Research and Development Announcement, or any other Government-initiated solicitation or program.

    The Department of State (DoS) accepts the submission of valid unsolicited proposals which contribute new and innovative ideas consistent with the Agency’s mission. However, the requirements for contractor resources are normally program specific and must be responsive to the Department’s needs.

    In the case that your firm has an innovative and unique idea for which submission of an unsolicited proposal may be the right approach, you should ensure commercial availability does not already exist to the government. Also, it should not be an advance proposal for a know agency requirement to be procured by competitive methods nor should it address previously published solicitations.

    Persons interested in submitting an unsolicited proposal to the DoS should follow the guidelines as published in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Subpart 15.6—Unsolicited Proposals.

    Subpart 15.605 provides specific criteria that allow the Department to accept an unsolicited proposal.

    According to FAR Part 15.603(c), a valid unsolicited proposal must include sufficient detail to permit a determination by the Government. Prospective offerors are encouraged to make preliminary contacts with agency personnel prior to preparing detailed unsolicited proposals or submitting proprietary information to the Government.

    This may save considerable time and effort for both parties. [See FAR 15.201 and 15.604(a)].
  5. Friends of the African Union Actions Blog
  6. Introduction of the FAU National Fairness and Growth Campaign [Represented[ - Dr. Robert Day, PhD Responder and Convener through the 10 Operating Principals of the Friends of the African Union.
  7. A / E / C and Urban Planning Team Represented - Ky. Col. Fred Hargrove, Sr PE MBA CCM ASI Fellow
  8. STEM 7 and the Ohio Military Academy [Represented] - Col. Charles Britton, ONG Ret.
  9. TC Adams FAU Cultural History Framework and Updates
  10. FAU Public Private Partnership Status - South Fairmount Sustains FAU Cincinnati, MTA Global Change Community, FAU FWW Developers, FAU Cincinnati , FAU Phildelphia, FAU Warren, FAU Cleveland, FAU LA, FAU Vegas, FAU DC, FAU Maryland and those developments in Africa in Ghana, Djibouti, Senegal, Angola, Morocco, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somali as well as Bermuda, Jamacia, Canada, Brazil, China, Russia and Germany.
  11. FAU Jont Venture Multimedia Production Teams [200] to record content for FAU Wiki as jv between FAU Bermuda, FAU LA and founder FAU Cincinnati to create site in Mt Auburn and on fort washington way.
  12. Health Plan and Patent Pool featuring USPTO 5,577,042 Health Information eXchange and a health care collective that will try to do an innovative health care initiative in Ohio, under a provision of Obamacare that allows for communities to set up experimental programs based on the Business Plan being proposed tomorrow
  13. Cincinnati Change and 501C3 Operations Plan.
  14. Multimedia Fundraising Response to Sandy Study
  15. smartHOUSING Plan [100 Market POA]
  16. Power Plant powered by sewage P3 Proposal
  17. Sustainable American Energy Plan to light up 500 states world wide with members of the IBEW and FAU Contractors
  18. FAU Bank Trust & Insurance Plan
  19. Sustainable American Universal Medical Plan
  20. Sustainable American Business Plan with FAU Chapters being members of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition.. the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) has announced that the NCRC Community Development Fund has received certification from the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) for its members aound the USA
  21. Corporate Standings [including documents of members of the United Methodist Men of Keys of the Kingdom UMC [UMMKoK] who on Dec 12th did, with other allies, institute a charter in creation of a modification of a Federal Reserve action, acting as agent for us through the United States Treasury, based on a Special Purpose Vehicle owned by a Public Private Partnership that was proposed on December 16th 2012 with founders of Friends of the African Union.] Todd Adams UMC Project Manager for UMMKoK
  22. Laws of the country of Bermuda pertaining to this transaction through FAU Bermuda as a 60/40 organization in formation
  23. Overview of Laws pertaining to American Citizens doing business in a foreign country
  24. DRAFT Framework for the Unsolicited Proposal to the President of the United States with collective work from FAU members and allies to be adopted no later than 21 January 2013.
  25. FEMA Plans and other USG Doc's as Reference
FAU LA starts operations via MOU between all parties tomorrow on this basis and the discussion today.


/s/ hershel daniels junior

Chairman Friends of the African Union

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