Friday, September 13, 2013

The FAU Chamber supports STEM in CPS

HQ for Friends of the African Union Chamber of Commerce in 2018

We are honored on our visit to Vietnam that will create jobs in the USA.

 We honor those who Marched in 1963. We restarted the March in Cincinnati in 2013 organizing on the Road to Economic Recovery as the Friends of the African Union Chamber of Commerce.  We have asked for creation of a special purpose enterprise capitalized at 5 trillion dollars.  Its purpose would be to solve the problems faced by this generation caused by the past generations use of our common resources from Africa from 1885 and based on the decisions of the African Union Commission in 2012 in regards to the Diaspora.

 We will create in Mt Auburn the headquarters for constructing around the world STEM based solutions through public private partnerships such as that created with the Taft family led by the parents of the kids and this vision for the community enhanced over the next week.

Above Christ Hospital's new addition and below Taft kids and US Navy personal.

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